ScreenShot003Me: I wonder why trees bear fruit?
Science: Trees bear fruit to produce seeds
Me: So why produce seeds?
Science: Seeds produce more fruit
Me: So propagation is the reason for propagation?
Science: Yes
Me: Propagation is not a reason for propagation… That is like saying blue is the reason for blue… which makes no sense.
Science: Could I interest you in some how since I cannot give you a solid why?
Me: Not right now… thanks
The One that Is: I can help you with why…
Me: Please do!?!
The One that Is: I made the fruit for my pleasure.
Me: Oh… I didn’t realize you ate solid food
The One that Is: Being spirit I have a different kind of food
Me: Well that stands to reason… what is it?
The One that Is: Fruit brings you pleasure, and your pleasure is spiritual food for me – my pleasure.
Me: Oh… I kinda thought you were against the whole “pleasure” thing… you know, sin and stuff
The One that Is: Your pleasure is not sin when you share it with me. It is only when you get stingy with it that it causes problems.
Me: What kind of problems?
The One that Is: Pain primarily.
Me: Oh? Whose pain?
The One that Is: We can share pain as well as pleasure… I’d like you to know. But you don’t often get stingy with your pain – you tend to always share that. It is only your pleasure that you get stingy with.
Me: Oh… I didn’t realize…
The One that Is: Few do…
Me: I’ve always been confused about this stuff. Obviously pleasure feels good and pain feels bad… but I’ve always kinda thought you felt different, like pleasure was bad and pain was good.
The One that Is: You have been confused. Pain is only good to the extent that it prevents you from hurting yourself more severely… beyond that purpose, it sucks and I don’t like it a bit. Pleasure is only bad when you horde it all for yourself and refuse to share it with me. See I not only created the fruit for my pleasure, but more importantly I created you for my pleasure, and the more pleasure you experience and share, the greater my pleasure.
Me: Well duh! That straightens things out for me.