how often do we question everything

You must not start from a place of pragmatism.
You have life. You have value.
Because you have life you have value. Inherently.
If one cannot agree, they should not have what they do not value.
I should not have that which I do not value.
But the question is, how to value my life appropriately.

Only from a place of personhood can I extend value outward.
I cannot skip trusting that I have significance apart from and often despite the value I perceive others to assign me.
From there, you take that valuable thing you are, your growing perceptions, your skills and giftings, your very own art of living life day by day, and you enrich the reality around you.
but you cannot skip trusting

I know it can be scary, but how often do we question everything – I wonder.
What am I?
Not Who as we so often do
but What?

“A machine.” someone says
“A Machine!” says someone else

But we built machines, and someday perhaps the machines will rule over us, but only because we asked it of them

We are indeed like machines – but of the several possible reasons why, I suppose that it is because we made them to be like us,
to help us, to replace us by replacing lots of the energy we expend.

Nothing wrong with this I suppose, except why do we expend energy?
If we are machines ourselves, then whose energy expediiture are we replacing – some’s version of god

I do not think we are machines – only like them because we made them like us.
Whatever we are…
We consume Energry. Like a machine, work needs fuel. A heart still beating needs to consume.
We consume other life. Even on a strict dandelion diet, a thing living no longer is because our need for energy resources

But why are we consuming and spending so much energy? Is this not where we must ask about the meaning of life.
Work needs fuel. But work to what end? Question every response you consider.

Consider pain and pleasure. These are often found driving the energy burn. But they polarize more quickly than blend
and so they rule
with confusion

“You have no authority except that which has been given you, and I ain’t giving you any.”
Just a side bar thought from earlier…

Back to resources – our world and all it’s problems are likely to apex at the end like at the beginning
We war and fight and hustle to gain the upper head on the resources thing. More money, more stuff,
and so on
but why?

It could be that the why is so hard to find that no one really knows.
It could be that everyone knows, or knew, and has dropped it, or has had it knocked out of their young hands

I don’t know. I like to think of life as a story run amok
What if life really is just some giant fairy tale being told to children?
Some say, like I do at times, that the whole thing went sideways once other tellers were introduced.
Sorta the too many cooks in the kitchen sorta thing

“Tell me a story?” And the way we reply is to live our lives the way we do day in and day out.
We tell stories about other peoples lives because why?
We have this experience of free will (whether or not “free” is the right word idk) but we do influence whatever this thing we call reality is.

This might explain why so much drama, and so much laughter, and so much struggle and so much suffering. What’s a story without all that and more?