How Many Hates?

How many hates do you getScreenShot081
before you are -ful?
Your number is yours today
Do you have room for 100?
Or do you start to feel hate-ful at around 50? or 30? or 10?

Littering sucks… I hate littering
This counts as one
I once broke up with a girl because she littered
I didn’t hate her… but I couldn’t see myself sharing time with someone who liked littering… so even though I liked her, I left

You might hate racism, or you might hate a particular race
I’ve never understood what there is to hate about race
but if you want to take up one of your allotment that way… go for it
You might hate the culture or character or just the cheese of another… fine… hate what you like… but realize that once you exceed the limit you have within you, you have become hate-ful

Count them… name them… all your hates
so that you know for sure when you are using them
and for when you consider adding another… or removing one when your limit shrinks with growth

If you don’t really have room for another hate
then you just don’t get to use it
and when you take one away
it is gone forever

How many joys do you get…