Plenty of Wonder

… and so I have some to spare.

I spend the extra hours of my life questioning life and learning, almost like a bad habit I can’t drop, but one I value. I have a lot of questions about myself, about others who I am in relationship with, and about people and personhood in general. It is not surprising, I suppose, that I recently decided to pursue a Psychology degree.

I am a 40-something guy who spent my twenties as a Window Cleaner, my thirties and forties so far as a software Support Engineer. I am and have been many other things along the way. I dropped out of high school to flip burgers and deliver pizzas. My education has always been in my own hands it seems – but really isn’t this the actual truth for everyone?

I have a lot of questions about meaning and purpose. In the midst of our current PoV-overloaded culture in America I can take sides with anyone who is still willing to talk about ultimate ideas like death and value and truth, goodness and beauty.