The Covid-19 Pandemic has taxed the earning ability of many around the world. I have not been able to teach classes since March 2020. Like many, I am grateful the Internet provides connection and the ability to trades my wares. The problem is, most Internet-based income is derived from advertising, and I refuse to tax your attention span that way, no matter who you are. Another method in common use is the subscription or Patreon option where I would set a monthly amount and allow you access based on whether or not your payments go through.

There is another option, one less used on the Internet it seems, but I find attractive for several reasons. This method is the “tip jar” approach. I provide teaching in the hope that you will benefit in some way, whether increased health or simple entertainment, I shall not judge, but my goal is to earn your appreciation rather than make you earn my services.

If you feel you have benefited from the work I have put in to developing this content, you have the option of expressing appreciation via